Haarmony has searched the world to find the best products for our clients.  Here is a list of the lines different color and retail lines that are currently carried at Haarmony Salon & Studio. You can buy generic products at many places and you will see good product lines diverted all the time. to drug stores.

  Our goal is to seek out lines that are truly great and then teach you how to use them correctly for your specific hair type.

Many clients are under the impression that if you have the color line and the formula than you have the whole story. The story is only half told at this point and then it is the individual hairdresser that completes the story by placing the foils in a particular way to come up with the right look for your style and your face shape.

Part of what we do at Haarmony is educate you on how to use our products once you leave. In the end it is our work and our reputation on your head. We have no intention of letting our greatest business assest and greatest sales rep leave without knowledge and the right product to duplicate your look every single day!


  • Alfaparf Italy
  • Salerm Spain
  • Paul Mitchell USA
  • Salon In (Organic line) Colombia
  • Tahe Spain


  • Deva (Curly specialty line) USA
  • Mixed Chicks (Curly specialty line) USA
  • Aquage USA
  • Biomega USA
  • Salon In Colombia
  • Jungle Fever Italy
  • Salerm Spain
  • Tahe Spain