Christina Carsillo

Christina Carsillo grew up in her mother's salon in Medellin, Colombia. You could say she was groomed from a young age to be a great hairdresser! Since leaving Colombia 32 years ago she has traveled the world educating herself with the masters of the hair industry. She was a tireless educator and platform artist for the Wella Corporation for 5 years while she also opened and operated her concept salon and photography studio. Since 2001 Christina has co-owned and operated Haarmony Salon & Studio as the creative director, educator, and lead hair designer in the salon. Many of her former assistants and employees went on to own their own salons in the future and attribute their success to the education they had under Christina. Her ability to diagnose and resolve any hair issue as well as create one of a kind cut and color is second to none.  Her knowledge of the salons' current specialty in cutting and coloring curly hair is also unparalleled in the business. Christina is and will always be the heart and soul of the salon and her endless passion for life, her clients, and the salon are the driving force behind the business!

Anya Conzo

Anya was born in the Ukraine and speaks 2 languages  Russian, and English. She has been in the hair world for 10 years and moved from New York to Atlanta and has taken a hairdressing position with Haarmony. Two years ago Anya completed a 3 day Deva Inspired Stylist training course in New York City and has been building her curly clientele for the past four years now. Every day she is challenged by more and more frustrated curly girls who need her expertise and growing knowledge. Prior to taking curly clients she assisted under Christina Carsillo for  one year. Since Anya already had extensive experience she learned very quickly from the guru of curls. and is now a valuable member of the Haarmony team!


Jashley Alvarez

   Jashley is our most recent addition to the Haarmony team. Jashley was first introduced to us as one of our hair models at a photo-shoot in 2012. Later we learned she was already an accomplished professional make-up artist and was attending the Paul Mitchell School right down the road from our salon. She recently graduated and will soon be a licensed cosmetologist. In the meantime she is Christina's assistant and Bryan's make-up artist. Two of Jashley's primary reasons to join our team was because of both the curly hair and photography aspect of our business. She now works every single day on both her crafts in and out of the salon with local photo-shoots as well as studio and location shoots for Haarmony Studios and HeadShots Photography.

Catalina Benitez

In order to have a successful business you need to have a manager, a technician, and an entrepreneur. Catalina completed the management role that Haarmony was always missing in the equation. Once we opened our third different location we knew we needed an organized structured person to be the contact front woman and salon and studio coordinator for the business. Catalina's care for the client and her loyalty to the salon and studio creates a real family business environment. She has a complete understanding of  both client needs and  specific business needs. Catalina  handles all client bookings, and an endless list of tasks from the owners. Catalina's infinite patience, ability to manage the retail lines, and answer endless questions from clients in both Spanish and English  set her apart from everyone! Catalina keeps Haarmony Salon & Studio moving forward and on track with both client and business operations. 

Andrea Tirado

Haarmony could not function without  Andrea who deserves the tittle of MVP! Andrea helps out at the shampoo bowl, maintains cleanliness of the salon, assists our guests at check out, and does a myriad of other tasks that keep the salon flowing. Currently Andrea is attending Georgia State University in pursuit of a degree in social work, which she plans on using within the health care system. The salon has given Andrea many learning opportunities to deliver great customer service as well as giving her a strong work ethic. This is a great contribution with any task she is called on to do for Haarmony Salon and Studio.

Christina Conzo

Christina Conzo is a new addition to our staff. She assists with all salon duties and helps with all our social media projects. Christina loves learning and helping with all salon duties and she looks forward to learning all she can to help us and our clients with anything needed.