Bryan Hiner

 Bryan has been photographing people for over 25 years and has enjoyed both the film and digital elements of photography. He enjoyed hours in the darkroom watching the magic of images appear in solution to being able to take the most uninteresting subject matter and make it interesting through the evolution of Photoshop. 

Every business needs an entrepreneur and Bryan's diverse background and ability to get to the specific goal has allowed Haarmony to stay in business for the last 17 years. In addition, Bryan was able to move from high level tennis coach, to photographer, to salon owner, to construction company owner and continue to have success in all fields, while also directing Haarmony.

In 2016 Bryan will open a 2800 sq ft Loft daylight Photography Studio studio in Atlanta( pictured on about page) that his construction company recently finished. In addition Haarmony purchased Head Shots, a corporate head shot specialty studio from long time friend and photography mentor Michael Romeo. Michael has had successful photography studios since 1968. Bryan jumped at the opportunity to purchase a successful 27 year old specialty head shot business! The photography industry had seen more changes to the field in the last 15 years, than it had seen in the last hundred years. The transition from Sandy Springs to Roswell will allow us to not only service all Head Shots photography client, but also add hair and make-up service to the equation.

Bryan would say his true talent now is the ability to hire the right people in the correct position so they can focus on their particular task at hand.  Bryan says, "The key to every successful business owner is to know your limitations and hire people to handle the things you don't do or don't do well. As a business owner you have to delegate specific tasks so you can focus on the overall picture of the business, while everyone else focuses on the present tasks at hand."

Amyn Soldier

Amyn graduated from Georgia Tech in 2011 with a degree in Architecture.  In this process he became quite proficient in many types of graphic design software used for digital, photo and rendering work. 

Post-graduation Amyn went directly to compete on the USTA Professional tennis circuit but also committed to following his passion for design and architecture.   In the recent years he has worked on numerous projects involving photo rendering, architectural layout and website graphics.  One such project was a self-designed and engineered aquaponics greenhouse.  This project is a fully functioning organic greenhouse created with sustainability in mind.  To supplement such a design feat, Amyn designed a website to showcase this construction along with the produce the greenhouse creates.

Bryan and Amyn began collaborating on many projects including a complete layout redesign of a Hotel-Loft project, website photo manipulation and even co-foundeda tennis company/website together.  Their work together since 2011 has truly been a beneficial merge between two generations and the unique talents brought together by their own skill-sets.  The two have several years of experience together ranging from photo, digital, architectural and website design.  Their combined goal is to capture not only you, but the best version of you!