Bryan Hiner

 Bryan has been photographing people for over 25 years and has enjoyed both the film and digital elements of photography. He enjoyed hours in the darkroom watching the magic of images appear in solution to being able to take the most uninteresting subject matter and make it interesting through the evolution of Photoshop. 

Every business needs an entrepreneur and Bryan's diverse background and ability to get to the specific goal has allowed Haarmony to stay in business for the past 18 years. In addition, Bryan was able to move from high level tennis coach, to photographer, to salon owner, to construction company owner and continue to have success in all fields, while also directing Haarmony.

Haarmony purchased HeadShots, a corporate head shot specialty studio from long time friend and photography mentor Michael Romeo. Michael has had successful photography studios since 1968. Bryan jumped at the opportunity to purchase a successful 27 year old specialty head shot business! The photography industry had seen more changes to the field in the last 15 years, than it had seen in the last hundred years. The transition from Sandy Springs to Roswell will allow us to not only service all HeadShots photography clients, but also add hair and make-up service to the equation.

Bryan would say his true talent now is the ability to hire the right people in the correct position so they can focus on their particular task at hand.  Bryan says, "The key to every successful business owner is to know your limitations and hire people to handle the things you don't do or don't do well. As a business owner you have to delegate specific tasks so you can focus on the overall picture of the business, while everyone else focuses on the present tasks at hand."


Kenji Kubota

Kenji grew up in Japan where he first started photography and videography back in the 70’s. However, it was his passion for surfing that brought him to San Diego, California in 1979. After his surfing desires were quenched, he worked as a design consultant for over 16 years in the restaurant seating and décor industry.

Kenji's travels took him all over Asia, which included regular visits to Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. This extensive travel armed him with a unique understanding of distant customs and cultures throughout the world. He realized early on in 2007 with the first iPhone introduction that with the click of a smart phone the world could be brought to your screen. He decided to embark upon on an exciting career in new media production by studying at Video Symphony TV & Film School in Burbank California.

He later worked as a producer/post production editor and motion graphics artist for various film production companies in West L.A. He began producing architectural photo renderings for the second largest mall owner in the US. Over the years he’s been able to blend his interests in film-making and photography together with producing retailer photo renderings for major shopping malls.

What started with a chance meeting with Bryan Hiner turned out to be the perfect mix of technical challenge and creativity. He is now an active pro staff member of the Haarmony Studios Photography team and continues to enjoy producing in his love of the craft of photography and videography.”

Kenji is a photographer/filmmaker/post production editor based in Atlanta, Georgia who loves a wide variety of media formats.