Haarmony Salon & Studio

Haarmony Salon & Studio is a distinctive business that delivers both salon and photography services in one convenient location. Bryan & Christina began their relationship together as photographer and hairdresser/make-up artist in 1996.  As their skills evolved together they decided to join forces and create a concept salon and photography studio in 2001. 

As the business developed and the needs of the clients changed Haarmony Salon and Studio grew to handle a poorly serviced niche curly hair and high end color market. The ability to showcase professional transformations through photography, as well as delivering professional portraiture after hair and make-up services have been delivered, has been incredibly beneficial!




The ability to showcase endless amounts of work puts clients at ease before they even enter the salon. Although your iPhone or android phone is great for selfies it is a distant second to a professional salon and photography studio joining forces to create memorable creative professional imagery!

"The client, the hairdresser, the stylist, the make-up artist, the photographer, the graphic designer, all have something to say. Haarmony Salon & Studio is the place where people come to make that statement!"